Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Ghanaian Chef’s World Record Claim Ends in Arrest and Controversy

Accra, Ghana – Ebenezer Smith, a Ghanaian chef who made headlines claiming to have broken the world record for the longest non-stop cooking session, has been arrested following disputes with his sponsor. Smith held a press conference on Tuesday to announce his purported achievement, stating he had cooked continuously for 802 hours and 25 minutes, backed by what he claimed was a Guinness World Records (GWR) certificate.

However, the validity of Smith’s claim quickly came into question. A spokesperson from GWR clarified to BBC Pidgin that they had not certified Smith’s attempt, nor had they received an application from him for the record. This revelation cast doubt on Smith’s achievement, leading to widespread skepticism among Ghanaians who had initially celebrated his supposed feat.

Compounding his troubles, Smith was arrested by police on Wednesday over a contractual dispute with his sponsor, the Amadia Shopping Centre in Accra, where the marathon cooking session took place. Allegations against him include breaching a contractual agreement by failing to inform the sponsor about developments regarding the record claim.

The incident has sparked discussions on social media, with many expressing disappointment and disbelief over the turn of events. Smith, who remains in police custody without formal charges, has yet to comment on the accusations.

Smith’s attempt earlier this year garnered attention and support from local celebrities but now stands in controversy. Ghanaians have witnessed other record-breaking attempts recently, underscoring a growing interest in achieving global recognition through Guinness World Records.

The current official record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual remains held by Ireland’s Alan Fisher at 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds, according to GWR. Smith’s case serves as a cautionary tale amid the pursuit of extraordinary achievements.

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