Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

**Rishi Sunak Warns Against Voting Reform Party: A Path to Labour’s “Blank Cheque”**

Rishi Sunak, amidst the G7 summit in Italy, responded vehemently to recent polling data placing Nigel Farage’s Reform party ahead of the Conservatives, cautioning voters that such a shift could pave the way for Labour to seize unchecked power.

“We are only halfway through this election, so I’m still fighting very hard for every vote,” Sunak emphasized. He underscored the critical nature of the upcoming July 4th poll, stressing that replicating current poll trends would effectively grant Labour a “blank cheque” to implement sweeping tax measures affecting homes, pensions, cars, and families.

The prime minister dismissed Farage’s assertion that Reform now represents the principal opposition to Labour, countering with his interactions on the ground where voters recognize that any vote not cast for a Conservative candidate potentially advances Keir Starmer’s bid for Number 10.

Laura Trott, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, echoed Sunak’s concerns, characterizing the polling results as a “stark warning.” She highlighted the potential consequences of electoral outcomes deviating towards Labour, suggesting it could result in giving Sir Keir Starmer unbridled authority.

During a Conservative Party event, Trott pointedly accused Labour of secretly planning 18 tax hikes, a claim swiftly rebutted by Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Darren Jones, who dismissed it as baseless conjecture.

Sunak continued to outline Conservative policy contrasts, asserting that only his party could deliver lower taxes, controlled migration, protected pensions, and a pragmatic approach to achieving net zero emissions. He criticized Labour’s purported agenda to reverse reforms, increase costs associated with net zero initiatives, and jeopardize pension security.

Amidst the escalating electoral tension, Sunak concluded with a call for voters to carefully consider the substantive differences between the parties, suggesting that this critical juncture would crystallize choices come polling day.

As the election landscape evolves, Sunak and his allies remain steadfast in their efforts to sway public opinion away from the Reform party, presenting themselves as the sole guardians of conservative fiscal policies and national stability.

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