Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Interviewer: Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Williams. Let’s get straight to it—why did you place a bet on the date of the next general election?

Craig Williams: I made a huge error of judgment, and I fully acknowledge that. At the time, it seemed like a harmless flutter, but in hindsight, I see how it was inappropriate and raised questions about my actions and intentions.

Interviewer: Did you have any inside information when you placed the bet?

Craig Williams: I understand the concern and the reason for the question, but I need to emphasize that I will not be expanding on my initial statement due to the ongoing independent investigation by the Gambling Commission. I am fully cooperating with them and it’s important to let the process unfold without interference.

Interviewer: Many people, including members of your own party, have criticized your decision. Lord Cameron described it as “clearly very foolish.” What’s your response to that?

Craig Williams: I respect Lord Cameron’s opinion and I agree—it was a foolish decision. I deeply regret it and apologize to my colleagues, my constituents, and the wider public. I should have considered the implications and the appearance of such an action, especially in my position.

Interviewer: You’re currently standing as the Conservative candidate for Montgomeryshire & Glyndwr. How do you think this controversy will affect your campaign?

Craig Williams: I don’t want this issue to overshadow the important work we need to do in the campaign. My focus is on addressing the needs and concerns of the people in Montgomeryshire & Glyndwr. I hope that by cooperating fully with the investigation and being transparent about my mistake, I can regain the trust of the voters.

Interviewer: The Gambling Commission is conducting an investigation. What are your thoughts on the potential outcomes?

Craig Williams: I understand the seriousness of the investigation and I’m prepared to face whatever consequences arise from it. It’s crucial that the Gambling Commission is thorough and fair in its process. I’ll accept their findings and any repercussions that come my way.

Interviewer: Your political opponents have called for a swift and clear verdict. What would you like to say to them?

Craig Williams: I understand their concerns and agree that a prompt and clear resolution is in everyone’s best interest. It’s important for all involved that the matter is resolved transparently and fairly, so we can move forward.

Interviewer: Finally, what would you like to say to your constituents who might be disappointed or angry about this situation?

Craig Williams: To my constituents, I sincerely apologize for my error of judgment. I understand your disappointment and frustration. I promise to work hard to regain your trust and to focus on the issues that matter most to you. This has been a humbling experience, and I am committed to learning from it and serving you with integrity and dedication.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time, Mr. Williams. We appreciate your openness in addressing this issue.

Craig Williams: Thank you for having me.

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